Designer Logo

RiniKini is a designer swimwear brand founded in Israel by native designer Rinat.

Craftsmanship is at the core of RiniKini with each product hand crafted allowing items to be unique with individual designs differing from the next. 

The founder, Rinat, aims to execute her upbringing and experiences through her designs, creating a beach lifestyle brand reflecting her passion for craftsmanship, colour and artisans. The panache of the brand is prominent owing to Rinat's practice in studying fashion and textile along with over twenty years of swimwear design contribution to some of the best-known fashion retailers. 

RiniKini creates bikinis that are truly feminine and ultimatley luxurious with designs drawing influences from all factors that are cherished by the founder - the wonderful world of nature, global crafts, the ocean and of course, the beach. 

The aim of a 'RiniKini' is to feel empowered, confident and happy with the constant evolution of new designs, products and female clientele around the world who appreciate exquisite quality and sensational style.

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